The Cynefin Framework (and children’s parties)

I had the good fortune of attending Dave Snowden‘s workshop at the KMWorld conference in Washington D.C. last week. As I feared (or suppose hoped), this has ballooned my reading list.

This video above is a brief introduction to one of his central ideas, the Cynefin Framework, detailed in the HBR article A Leader’s Framework for Decision Making.

One of the more memorable items from his talk was about how to organize a children’s party (within the context of complexity). Anyone who’s been a parent and/or worked in a large corporation will find it amusing and insightful. I was happy to see it captured in this video below:

Embracing the Chaos Between Stable State Organizaitons

Visualization about leveraging chaos for innovation in stable organizations, using General David Petraeus and the Iraq counterinsurgency “surge” as a case study. Content based on the book The Gamble by Thomas Ricks (which I have not read).

You can find the original at mondaydots, or Garr’s article on Presentation Zen, along with the author’s how to for building similar presentations using Apple’s Keynote and iMovie. I’m inspired. (Source)