How Microsoft Partners Are Selling Office 365

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Cutler, of Slalom Consulting, says his company sees an opportunity to deliver numerous new services, especially as they relate to building applications on top of SharePoint Online. “There’s a lot more in the application development space, so now that you’ve got a platform like SharePoint, people are now saying, ‘Well, you’ve got this great platform. Now we can enable all kinds of business processes.’ So we can build the applications on top of that. It’s actually expanding the work that we can do with our clients and the value they’re getting out of that work.”

Taking Email Etiquette to the Next Level

Not unlike publishing free/busy time from your Outlook calendar, this article discusses publishing email activity in an attempt to better inform those making requests of you via email. (Source)

…it periodically checks the user’s email load based on specific measurement parameters chosen by the user – unread messages in your inbox, total number of messages in your inbox, or how much mail you’ve recently sent. After an initial 12-hour analysis, determines the user’s email habits and what constitutes “light,” “normal” or “high” e-mail amount. It then updates the user’s status of email volume level every 10 minutes, which is reflected in an individualized link.

May have to play with and gmail.

ComputerWeekly: Report predicts IT skills shortage crisis as data growth set to outstrip staff numbers

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IT departments will have to manage 50 times the amount of information, 75 times the number of files and 10 times the number of virtual and physical servers, with only 1.5 times the number of IT professionals to manage it all, by 2020.

Business Week: The Most Important People in Your Network

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Employees that were rated as more innovative didn’t have bigger networks; rather, they had more bridging ties—ties that connected them to other employees who were themselves not connected.

If we are circulating too much with people we have known forever or people who themselves are all spending time in the same meetings and interactions, then we are not getting the performance impact we can from social-media tools. Bigger is not better. The magic lies in the new ideas and perspectives that can come from connections into different networks.